Don´t find the simulator you need?

As manufacturers of FNPT and FTD for 10 years, we have the technology and resources to evaluate any project that you wish to propose to us.

We can adapt and customize our technology and each of our simulators to have the systems and configuration as the aircraft you operate.

We have the capabilities to develop new aircraft models in case you do not find in our portfolio the simulator you need.

We have developed more than 10 models in 10 years and we have the expertise to manufacture new FNPT and FTD simulators.

Examples of adaptations and developments:

  • Delivered the entrol H01 / Bell 206 FNPT II in L3, B3 and L1 versions
  • Installed and interfaced the GNS430, GTN 650 and GTN 750 for several customers
  • Installed and developed a FLIR system for the entrol H14 / Bell 429 FNPT II MCC
  • Developed a 5 channel spherical visual system
  • Developed a vibration system
  • Installed mission scenarios
  • Development of a high resolution database in the customer's geographical area