200º x 70º spherical visual



200º x 70º spherical visual

  • Front projection with a FOV of 200º x 70º (+25º / -45º)
  • Compliant with certification standards
  • 5,0 meters diameter

5 channel projection system with high-end projectors

  • Projectors ready for 24/7 operation, with extended warranty and maintenance
  • Color matched projectors
  • Resolution min 1920x1200 pixels
  • System for warping, edge blending, calibration and color adjustment

Projectors support structure

  • Projectors support structure included for easy maintenance

Advanced mission training

  • Landing in confined areas like mountains or hospitals
  • Landing in oil rigs
  • Specific missions
    • SAR
    • Fire Fighting
    • EMS
    • ...

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