en-1000 FNPT II





I was made for training you

Robust. Efficient. Easy. With these three ideas in mind we designed our en-1000 FNPT II, to make available to flight schools an advanced FNPT at a reasonable price.

Reconfigurable EASA FNPT II / FAA AATD between SEP and MEP

  • SEP and MEP
  • Dual pilot configuration with 2x PFD and 1x MFD
  • Exchangeable between analog & glass
  • Glass cockpit with engine and navigation map displays
  • Real GTN 650
  • FGP with 2 axis AP
  • Bendix King avionics
  • GMA 340 audio panel
  • Reconfiguration in one click

entrol's latest technology

The en-1000 shares the same technology installed in all our FNPT and FTD simulators:

  • Entrol's own designed sensing board technology
  • Presagis© Vega Prime image generator with satellite imagery
  • Barco© HD projectors
  • Cylindrical visual
  • Easy IOS interface with 2x touch screens

Visual system

  • Cylindrical dome display
  • Field of view of 180° x 40°
  • 3x full HD projectors
  • entrol's HD visual® with satellite imagery
  • Detailed airports

Easy installation of the simulator

  • Modular and transportable
  • Installation performed in one week by two Entrol's technicians
  • Send us the drawing of your room to assist you & confirm measurements


Reduce costs & improve security in your IR / CPL courses

The en-1000 complies with the CS-FSTD(A) normative for your official courses:

  • PPL
  • IR-SE / IR-ME
  • PBN and LPV
  • CPL

Flexible training tool

  • SEP and MEP in one cockpit
  • Transition from analog to glass cockpit
  • GTN 650 training
  • LOFT combined with emergency conditions
  • Take advantage of bad weather days


Complete services package

We want to make your life easier, so we include in the price:

  • Shipping, installation and testing (CIP Incoterm)
  • On-site assistance to the initial FNPT II certification
  • On-site instructors & technicians training
  • 24 months of warranty
  • 24 months of maintenance
  • Computers rack, toolbox and spare parts set
  • Printed documentation

Maintenance throughout the simulator's lifetime

Keep your simulator up-to-date:

  • Software update with remote connection
  • Telephone and email support
  • Quarterly update of airport databases
  • Bug tracking system & hardware correction
  • Support to answer the FSTD discrepancies issued by the CAA in each recurrent certification
  • Discounts on upgrades

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