A32 / Twin Jet FNPT II MCC





Your real jet orientation training

In order to provide A320 specific training, a generic jet simulator is not enough. You need a simulator that replicates in detail the aircraft's cockpit and flight behavior. 

With the A32 Twin Jet FNPT II MCC / FTD Level 5 you will be able to enhance your training by offering your MCC, CPL, ATPL and JOT courses in line with the skills demanded by the airlines to fly a commercial twin jet.

Simulator based on the A320 with entrol's latest technology

  • Dual MCDU
  • ECAM, Engine Display, PFD, ND,...
  • FCU with dual EFIS
  • Glareshield
  • Sidesticks and Fly by Wire operation
  • TCAS, Radar, Flaps and Speedbrake
  • Fwd and Aft Overhead panels (Hyd, Elec, Eng...)
  • Trim Wheels
  • Oxy Masks
  • Digital audio matrix for COM simulation
  • Flight control loading system on all axises with digitally controlled engines
  • Tests flights performed on the real A320 for validation data
  • entrol TCPIP Sensing Technology

Cylindrical visual 180º x 40º MCC compliant

  • Cylindrical structure with a FOV of 180º x 40º MCC compliant
  • Full HD Projectors (1920 x 1080)
  • Warping and edge blending software

entrol HD visual

  • Satellite imagery
  • Special effects (Waves, water reflection, white-out,...)
  • Terrain with a resolution of 16 meters per pixel
  • Weather conditions can be activated & modified on real time

entrol HD visual 10

Enclosed instructor station with two 24" tactile screens

  • Dual 24" tactile screens
  • Teach your pilots with no distractions
  • Easy interface
  • Additional folding seat
  • Automatic QTG's

 Easy installation of the simulator

  • Room of 5,5 m. (widht) x 5 m.(lenght)  x 3 m. (height) required
  • Modular and transportable


FNPT II MCC certified

It complies with the CS-FSTD(A) FNPT II MCC normative requirements to be used in the official training programs:

  • IR / ME
  • CPL / ATPL
  • MCC
  • PBN training: LNAV/VNAV & LPV procedures

Prepare your pilots for the real world

Students will finish their ATPL with a great knowledge of the A320 operation. They will go properly trained to the type rating courses and airline selection processes:

  • A320 procedures & interview preparations
  • MCDU & A320 systems familiarization
  • Jet Orientation
  • Multi crew operations
  • Situation awareness, CRM and decision making
  • Line-oriented flight training


A turnkey solution within your budget

  • 24 month of warranty
  • Shipping, insurance, installation and testing
  • On-site assistance to the initial certification
  • Technicians & instructors training
  • Toolbox and spare part kit for maintenance
  • Maintenance service included during the 24 months warranty period

Quick and flexible maintenance service

  • Unlimited remote access to the simulator
  • Unlimited telephone and email support
  • Quarterly database update
  • Documentation management service
  • Optional yearly visit to the simulator

Upgradable solution

  • Debriefing station
  • Tablet integration for IOS remote control
  • New airports and SID/STAR
  • 3D customized airports
  • etc.

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