A11 mix FNPT II MCC - FTD Level 5





The A11 mix fits your training needs

The A11 Mix FNPT II - MCC is a reconfigurable simulator than can be configured to different aircrafts according to each customer's training needs.

Reconfigurable Simulator

The configurations available are the following:

 Cockpit Configuration  Certification Level
 Single Engine based on the TB20  FNPT II
 Twin Piston based on the PA-34  FNPT II
 Twin Turboprop based on the B200  FNPT II MCC

The customer can choose the number of configurations that wants to have in the A11 Mix. New configurations can be added after the simulator installation and certificaton.

Cylindrical visual 180º x 40º MCC compliant

  • Cylindrical structure with a FOV of 180º x 40º MCC compliant
  • Full HD projectors (1920x1080)
  • Warping and edge blending software

entrol HD visual

  • Satellite imagery
  • Special effects (Waves, water reflection, white-out,...)
  • Terrain with a resolution of 16 meters per pixel
  • Weather conditions can be activated & modified on real time

entrol HD visual 06

Enclosed instructor station with dual 24" tactile screens

  • Teach your pilots with no distractions
  • Easy interface developed by entrol
  • Additional folding seat
  • Automatic QTG's

Easy installation of the simulator

  • Room of 5,5 m. (widht) x 5 m.(lenght)  x 3 m. (height) required
  • Modular and transportable



A11 mix - A cost-effective solution for ATO's

  • Reconfigurable but not generic: Every configuration is based on a specific aircraft. This means more realism as students can get familiarized with the systems that they are going to use in the real aircraft.
  • Low cost: Cost-efficient solution that allows you to use the simulator in official courses  (IR, CPL, MCC...) and  train different class of aircrafts in the same trainer.
  • Flexible solution: Possibility of adding new configurations in the future after the simulator's installation according to each customer's training needs.
  • Step-by-Step Training: From small aircrafts' simple operations to more complex systems.
  • Easy & quick change from one configuration to another

Certified simulator for Modular & Integrated courses

  • PPL / CPL / ATPL
  • MCC
  • IR-ME / IR-SE
  • FI / IRI / MCCI / STI
  • PBN training: LNAV/VNAV & LPV procedures



A turnkey solution withing your budget

  • 24 months warranty
  • Shipping, installation & testing
  • On-site assistance to the initial certification
  • Technicians & instructors training
  • Toolbox and spare part kit for maintenance
  • Maintenance service included during the 24 months warranty perio

Quick and flexible maintenance service

  • Unlimited remote access to the simulator
  • Unlimited telephone and email support
  • Quarterly database update
  • Documentation management service
  • Optional yearly visit to the simulator

Upgradable solution

  • Debriefing station
  • Tablet integration for IOS remote control
  • New airports and SID/STAR
  • 3D customized airports
  • etc.


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