en-1000 FNPT II / AATD simulator
Reconfigurable SEP / MEP

Reconfigurable to all needs. What's yours?

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 Reconfigurable EASA FNPT II / FAA AATD between SEP and MEP

  • SEP and MEP
  • Exchangeable between analog and glass
  • 2x PFD and 1x MFD
  • Glass cockpit with engine and navigation map displays
  • Real GTN 650
  • FGP with 2 axis AP
  • Bendix King® avionics
  • GMA 340 audio panel
  • Reconfiguration in one click

Entrol's latest technology

  • Control loading system with digital motors
  • Entrol's own sensing board technology
  • Presagis© Vega Prime image generator with satellite imagery
  • Studio-quality audio speakers
  • Entrol's IOS interface

Visual system

  • Cylindrical dome display
  • Field of view of 180° x 40°
  • 3x full HD projectors
  • entrol's HD visual® with satellite imagery
  • Detailed airports

Instructor station with 2x touch screens

  • Dual 24" touch screens
  • Easy interface
  • Automatic QTG's 
  • Optional debriefing station

Installation and room requirements

  • Cockpit equipped with wheels for easy transportation
  • Installation performed in one week by two Entrol's technicians
  • Send us the drawing of your room to confirm measurements



Reduce costs and improve security in your IR / CPL courses

  • PPL
  • IR-SE / IR-ME
  • PBN and LPV
  • CPL

Flexible tool for initial training

  • SEP and MEP in one cockpit
  • Transition from analog to glass
  • GTN 650 training
  • LOFT combined with emergency conditions
  • Take advantage of bad weather days



Turnkey solution

  • Shipping and installation
  • On-site instructors and technicians training
  • On-site assistance to the initial certification
  • 24 months warranty and remote maintenance
  • Computers rack, toolbox and spare parts kit
  • Printed documentation

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